October 2014

Please check back often as soon I will have some new designs to offer.

Coming Soon! New florals, 2 RocLon table runners, earring box with flowers and a  fun one with shoes and purses, plus fish painted on batik fabric.

Welcome to my website

My painting life has had many wonderful changes recently.  Still Life designs and antiquing continue to be very much a part of my life but living in Florida has opened my eyes to many new and exciting subjects to paint.  The sand, seashells, flowers and the wonderful colors have become a part of my new painting subjects.  The blues in the sky and the water, the many beautiful flowers that bloom all year and the greens of the plantings are exciting new opportunities for painting.

Painting these subjects on new surfaces with interesting backgrounds and designing tables runners using RocLon are part of my new packets.

Hope you enjoy these new ideas.

One of the highlights of my painting career was having my own design on an ornament on the Library of Congress tree. If you are in Washington around the holidays, be sure to visit the Library of Congress and see the tree.